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What it is and who is held to pay

Royal Legal Decree 246 of February 21 1938 requires anyone owning one or more television sets to pay a television subscription fee, which is an ownership impost due regardless of actual set use or selected television stations.


There are two different types: ordinary subscriptions are due by the owner or proprietor of a home set and special subscriptions by the owners or proprietors of one or more radio or television sets on premises open to the public and anyhow outside their home(s), as specified by Legal Decree 458 of December 21 1944 and Royal Decree 246 of February 21 1938.

Private home use subscriptions

Only one fee is due for private user subscriptions and covers all television sets subscribers have for their own private use, either at their own place of abode or at secondary ones, and those sets held by other family members as specified on official family status records. Subscription fees are no longer due for secondary places of abode in conformity with Law 223 of August 1990 nor for motor vehicle and pleasure craft on-board radio sets, in compliance with Law 449 of December 27 1997,
Persons living in furnished apartments but not owning the television set they use are also held to pay subscription fees, in compliance with
Article 1 of Royal Decree 246 of February 21 1938.

Persons residing abroad but holders of a place of abode in Italy equipped with a television set are also held to pay subscription fees.

Exemption from payment of radio subscription fees has been set for the holders of radio sets located at private places of abode, in compliance with
Law 449 of December 27 1997.

New Subscriptions

Procedure for 1st payment:
- with a 9100 current account form, available at any Italian Post Office;
- with a credit card, by phoning toll-free number 800.191.191.

New subscriptions can be started at any moment of the year by paying an amount covering the period between the month of subscription and the six-monthly or yearly subscription fee expiry date.

After the first payment, the Sportello S.A.T. will send subscriber(s) the registration booklet(s) complete with the subscription number(s) and Post Office Account 3103 forms for subsequent subscription renewals.

Subscription fee payment expiry dates

Expiry dates for payment of subscription fees are as follows, in accordance with Decree 1642 of December 31 1947:

  • January 31 for full year payments;
  • January and July 31 for half-yearly payments;
  • January 31, April 30, July and October 31 for instalment payments.

  • Should the expiry date for subscription fee payment be a Saturday or a public holiday, payments are considered as completed in time when made on the first subsequent work day, in compliance with
    Article 6, Item 8 of Legal Decree 330 of May 31 1994, converted into Law 473 of July 27 1994.

    Address changes

    No new subscription is required in the event of address changes, and new data can be communicated with one of the following procedures:
    - written communication to the Agenzia delle Entrate – Direzione Provinciale I di Torino – Ufficio territoriale di Torino 1 Sportello S.A.T. Casella postale 22 – 10121 Torino (To).
    - via e-mail from this site, by clicking on Cambio indirizzo.
    - by contacting 199.123.000 Call Centre service operator.
    Renewals can be made with an old form, as the subscription number remains unchanged.

    Changes to Subscriber name

    Subscription is strictly personal, so the subscriber name cannot be changed. Should the subscription holder however wish to transfer his or her television set to a third party, such subscriber shall submit a regular statement of subscription cancellation by registered mail to Agenzia delle Entrate – Direzione Provinciale I di Torino – Ufficio territoriale di Torino 1 Sportello S.A.T. Casella postale 22 – 10121 Torino (To), specifying the new holder’s subscription number should such person already be a subscriber, or that person’s details, fiscal code included, should he or she not be a subscriber, in which case a new subscription shall be stipulated.

    Television set use only as a computer monitor or for viewing ...

    ...videocassettes or satellite television items.

    Mandatory payment of television subscription fees in compliance with the provisos of Article 1 of Royal Decree 246 of February 21 1938 comes from the ownership of one or more pieces of equipment suitable or adaptable to receiving radio-television transmissions, regardless of use quality or quantity as specified by Italian High Court Rulings 535 of May 12 1988 and 284 of June 26 2002, and Court of Cassation Ruling 8549 of August 3 1993. Assignment of a television set to other uses, such as pre-recorded tape viewing, home-computer terminal or video-game monitor not exclusive of adaptability to receiving television broadcasts does not therefore exonerate from mandatory subscription fee payment.

    Fee payment is also due by holders of a satellite or ground digital television set subscription, even in the event of using such equipment for receiving cable or foreign origin broadcasts.

    Additional charges due for non-payment of subscription fees

    The Control Authority can detect non-payment of subscription fees at any moment with a report. In this case the user will be held to pay an extra charge of as much as 619 Euros in addition to subscription fees due.