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What it is and who should pay it

The special subscription television licence fee must be paid by those who possess one or more appliances that are fit or can be fitted for receiving radio and television programmes on the premises of public commercial concerns, premises open to the public or at any rate outside the household, or those used for direct or indirect profits, independently from the use to which the same are assigned (i.e. such as screening demonstration videotapes, films, television videos, etc.).
Art. 27 of the R.D.L. 21/02/1938 no. 246; Art. 2 of the D.L.Lt. 21/12/1944 no. 458 and Art. 16 of the L. 23/12/1999 no. 488

Validity of the television licence fee

The validity of the special subscription is limited to the address for which it is stipulated, which is reported in the registration booklet; subsequently, whomever detains appliances that are fit or can be fitted for receiving radio and television programmes in premises that are different must stipulate a separate subscription for each of the same (i.e. in the case of hotel chains or bank branches). R.D.L.21/02/1938 no.246

The special subscription is strictly personal: should the appliances be transferred or should the commercial concern be transferred or terminated, notice of termination of the special subscription must be forwarded to RAI within the deadline and according to the procedures specified below.R.D.L.21/02/1938 no.246 and D.L.C.P.S.31/12/1947 no.1542

To subscribe

Before paying the special subscription television licence fee, it would be appropriate to get in touch with the competent RAI branch appointed within the territory (or to use the special request here ) specifying the type of licence (radio or television) and the month in which the appliance should be installed; should the appliance be located on the premises of a public commercial concern, it is necessary to specify the classification of the same (snack-bar, restaurant, etc.), the category and denomination of the same, while only in the case of accommodation facilities (hotels, boarding houses, residences, tourist resorts, etc.) it is necessary to communicate the star-rating, the number of rooms and the number of television appliances.

On the basis of the information received, the competent office will see to it that a postal payment slip be provided; it will be payable to the postal account no. 2105, addressed to RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, stating the relative amount to be paid.

Following the initial payment of the television licence fee, RAI will be attributing a special subscription number to the official holder of the same.

For public business concerns, the subscription must be registered in the name of the official licence holder.

To get in touch with us

Request for a new subscription

The request for a new special television or radio subscription may be made by forwarding the relative postal payment slip bearing the amount due.


Variation to the subscription, request for variation of television and/or camera instruments and various communications

E-mail communications

Dear Subscriber:
Should you be interested in receiving eventual communications regarding television subscriptions via e-mail, please fill in your e-mail address. The same, following your consent, will be registered within our archives.

Deadlines and sanctions

What are the deadline dates for renewing a television licence fee?

The deadline dates for the payment of television licence fees are the following:
31 January (annual payment)
31 January and 31 July (biannual payments)
31 January, 30 April and 31 October (quarterly payments).

Should the deadline date for the payment of television licence fees fall on a Saturday or on a holiday, the payment may be considered regular when effected on the following working day.


The subscribers who have not paid their television licence fee are obliged to pay the same in addition to interest at the legal rate and expenses for the coercive collection eventually promoted by the Finance Administration.
Art.1284 c.c.
The payment must be made using the payment slip attached to the payment notice forwarded by RAI.

Failure on the part of subscribers to pay their television licence fees may be ascertained by the Guardia di Finanza Police Corps, which will inflict an administrative fine amounting to between €103.29 and €516.45.

An equal sanction is applied to all those who detain appliances that are fit or can be fitted for receiving radio television programmes outside the household, without being official holders of a special subscription.
D.L.C.P.S.31/12/1947 n.1542

Termination of the subscription

The official holders of a special subscription who do not intend to make use of appliances that are fit or can be fitted for receiving radio television programmes outside the household must forward a letter of termination for the special subscription to the regional RAI branch appointed to the territory via registered mail with return receipt, specifying the destination of the appliance. Regional Branches R.D.L.21/02/1938 n.246

Government licence tax

Special subscriptions, except those regarding hotel keepers, public business concerns, non-profit organizations and amateur sports associations are subject to a government licence tax for every solar year.

The payment of government licence taxes for special subscriptions must be effected by making a deposit to the postal account no. 8003, registered in the name of Agenzia delle Entrate - Centro Operativo di Pescara - Tasse Concessioni Governative (Internal Revenue Service – Pescara Operations Centre – Government Licence Taxes)

Radio Appliance: Euro 0.70
Television Appliance: Euro 4.13

Radio Appliance: Euro 20.00
BW Television Appliance: Euro 34.00
Colour Television Appliance: Euro 236.00